Race Day Info

There’s a time limit for the course.  Everyone MUST be off the course by 1 PM.  The City of Charlevoix does not permit us to keep the streets closed longer than 1 PM.   Anyone who can not make it off the course by this time must finish on the sidewalk, turn their time into support@RFeventservices.com and to be aware that our aid stations will be shutting down, marshall’s are gone as well as local authorities.  Our staff will be on the course making sure you have a safe finish.

Remember – the bridge goes up every half hour.  Please plan accordingly.


2022 Athletes Guide - coming soon




Please note new start times.

Marathon:   6:00 am
Half Marathon:   6:30 am

10K:  7:00 am

5K Run/Walk: 7:00 am



Aid Stations-   Furnished with  orange Gatorade, water, GU, coke syrup, and a first aid kit.  GU in 5 flavors.   There will be a rolling close of all aid stations.  Starting with # 9.   Aid Station #1 will be on the course until approximately 12:45 PM.


The Charlevoix Marathon is a Boston Marathon qualifying race. Both the Marathon and the Half Marathon courses are certified and insured by USATF.


*There will NOT be an early start for any athlete registered.



Photographers will be at the start line, on the course and at the finish line.




The post race food is served at the registration tents.   All food will follow the current State of Michigan Covid-19 rules. 



At this year’s Charlevoix Marathon we will be providing on course tracking of runners at the 13.1 Mile for Marathon runners, the Half Marathon Turn and Finish line for all runners.  You will be able to track your family and friends progress in the Marathon on your smartphone.  Type in www.rfeventservices.com/cvx on your smartphone browser and enter their name or Race Number.  Select their Results under their Name to view their results or Track to watch their progress in the Race.  You can follow multiple runners by searching for their Name/Race Number and selecting Track.  For complete results, and more Live Tracking, go to www.rfeventservices.com and select Charlevoix Marathon under the 2021 Results tab.


RFTiming will be assigning bib numbers and will send a confirmation to everyone.  If you do not receive it by Thursday, June 17, please contact support@rftiming.com


Any changes of categories must be done on site if there’s room in the category after June 1st.

Note from RFeventservices Please follow these steps.  This can effect your time registering.
Race number should be pinned, horizontally on the OUTSIDE of any jacket or clothing on the FRONT, below your chest and as close to the waist as possible. Water carriers or gel packs near the number can also affect the read. Wearing the number visibly on the front will insure a finish time even if the equipment fails due to video back up.


PARKING INFORMATION   There’s plenty of FREE parking around town.  The morning of the event, the City of Charlevoix does not charge for street parking until after 12:01 PM.   They will ticket after 12:01 PM.





Harwood Gold will open at 5:00 am.  Bridge St

My Grandmothers Table at 7:00 am   Bridge St

Smoke on the Water will be open at 5:00 am   Park Ave

The French Place will open at 5:30 am   Bridge St

The Hotel Earl will open at 5:30 am.  Corner of Michigan Ave and E. Dixon at the start line.




Due to the current Covid-19 ruling, we will not have a bag drop or allow any unattended bags at registration or start line.  All bags unattended will be removed and disposed. We are sorry for this inconvenience. We trust that everyone understands.



The Charlevoix Marathon will be delayed or canceled if any of the following weather conditions exist:

If for any reason the race is cancelled during the race, notification will be given to the Sheriff and Police, and aid station personnel. They will inform runners of conditions as best they can of the situation. Once the event is officially cancelled, it will not be restarted. Runners may choose to continue to complete the course at their discretion and at their own risk, but results and times will not be recorded or posted.

Cancellation:Tornado Warning or Watch, Thunderstorm Warning, Severe Rain and or Extreme Wind.

The events will be canceled if any of the above mentioned weather conditions still exist at the end of the 1 hour delay period. Although unlikely, other conditions such as extreme heat could also cause the race to be canceled.

Authority to Cancel- the Race The Race Director and local law enforcement have the exclusive authority to cancel any of the events. If threatening weather conditions force cancellation of the event, no refunds can be provided, since funds are already spent in preparation for Race Day.

Delay: The start of the any of the events can be delayed up to one hour if any of the above mentioned conditions exist.



Unfortunately Good Boy Events cannot refund or defer your registration fees for any reason, other than for those who are active military and have to report to duty. We do offer the option of a transfer to another category or to another person.   If you have any questions, please contact us at sharon@charlevoixmarathon.com