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Around Town

Kid Rock wasn't joking when he said summer in Northern Michigan is the greatest place in the world.  We are so excited to host you for the marathon and we hope you come early and stay late.  There's so much to do and see while you're here.  

First off, you can go to or for a full list of things to do around our beautiful town.  

This is just off the top of our heads but you most definitely need to do this: Go looking for Petoskey Stones, check out our famous Earl Young Mushroom Houses, take a boat for lunch at The Landing, go shopping on Bridge Street, check out the Lighthouse, watch the sunset on a sailboat with Sunshine Charters, sit on the deck of the Weathervane to watch all the boats go by, take a day to visit Beaver Island, climb Mt. McSauba, come back for our awesome Venetian Festival, check out the Art Fair going on race weekend, try the whitefish sausage at John Cross, head to Mackinaw Island for a day, if you're here for the 4th of July you have to see the Harbor Springs Parade, head over to Bay Harbor for the boat festival, or by the end of your trip you decide you want to move here, hit up one of our realtors to check out a lake house : ) we'd love to have you as a neighbor.  

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